“I think they’re both wounded warriors who don’t bleed on other people. Cap has no one to bleed on. I think Sam knows how to handle people like that. … Sometimes when things are bad, trusting a stranger is the way to go.” - Chris Evans.

"he acts with his eyes"


Pacific Rim:

Tendo Choi


i am demisexual meaning i am only attracted to those born of gods or who are themselves a diety. move out of the way assholes, i’m gonna fuck zeus

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"Daenerys" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally finished. Had a little too much fun painting all that loose, whispy, wooshy, hair. Now right back to the art cave to continue research on a poster I’m particularly excited about.

"We’re all trying to forget someone."

—Six Word Story (via allineedissix)

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Mackie: "Last night I was, like, sitting around in a hotel and I was like, yo man, there’s a midnight screening and this is my first Marvel movie. I’mma go say what’s up to the people. So I grab a cab and shoot to 42nd Street, I walk in and I’m like what up, dog?”

Fallon: "Did people freak out?!

"The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices." - They Live (1988)


WORD UP the true glory days of rap

i. still d.r.e. (ft. snoop dog) dr. dre ii. california love 2pac iii. c.r.e.a.m. wu-tang clan iv. the way i am eminem v. juicy the notorious b.i.g. vi. what’s luv? (ft. ashanti) fat joe vii. 2001 snoop dogg viii. suga suga baby bash ix. hypnotize the notorious b.i.g. x. ms. jackson outkast xi. wu-tang clan aint nuthing ta f’ wit wu-tang clan xii. no diggity blackstreet xiii. magic stick lil’ kim xiv. ambitionz az a ridah 2pac xv. n.y. state of mind nas xvi. big poppa the notorious b.i.g. xviithe rain [supa dupa fly] missy elliott xviii. forgot about dre (ft. eminem) dr. dre xix. rollin’ with my homies coolio