i hope everyone realizes that Drax literally drunk dialed Ronan and almost got them all killed

"I go by many names, my Tick-Ridden Troll, but I'm sure the one that Black Knight knew me by is Gamora, the deadliest woman in the whole galaxy."

Your follower count is what Pokémon you are. What kind of Pokémon are you?


If your count is higher than 719, then divide by 2 until you reach the first number to land in the 1 - 719 range and round up!

I’m currently a Treecko.


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this is how doctor newton geiszler and doctor hermann gottlieb’s correspondence actually started

also i don’t fucking know SCIENCE so i just bullshit some stuff

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The Walking Dead Meme: [16/20] Characters


What’s a girl gotta do to impress you? I just want to be loooved.

Guardians of the Galaxy B-Roll Footage 1 | 2

jesse pinkman + character tropes

Beyonce at Harry’s Bar in Mayfair on October 14, 2014 in London, England.

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not sure what it is about tiny bows on bras and underwear but theyre neat as hell

Diana Ross backstage at The Apollo Theater by Bruce Davidson, 1965

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a ghost!